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Navigating the Mental Well-being Trail

Updated: Feb 14

The world is in the midst of a #mentalhealth crisis, only exacerbated post-pandemic.

Although much is written about coping with this crises in general, very little help and guidance is available in traversing through the challenges in response to a loss during or after the pandemic. Pandemic Grief is real and it's not just grieving for the sudden loss of a loved one, it's also about grieving for sudden loss of normalcy, jobs, relationships, money, lifestyle and an endless list of small and big things that keep adding up even when the pandemic is becoming a painful but distant memory. It's got difficult to see closure and resolution leading many of us in experiencing a range of mental health challenges including stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, powerlessness, anger and sadness.

#goodgraciousgrief talks about the #copingmechanisms from author Amit Anand's personal account of loss of his father during the pandemic.

Distraught and depressed, Amit fought his way out of the darkness of loss to embrace the light of healing. He is on a quest to build a community of mental health warriors and allies because he believes a collective energy to share and care is the need of the hour today to wade through the wilderness of this crises. Even if we hope that we may never have another pandemic or something equivalent, as bad and virulent... and lethal in future, the thought itself still leaves a trail of chaos in its wake.

When we understand that we are not alone and there are people like is who have been in the trenches and know the depths, that can help us out from our imposed limiting beliefs that we must suffer alone in navigating the mental health trail. We don't need to isolate when there is an entire tribe waiting to embrace us. That is the power of community! And I am hoping to bring this community together to support, care and prioritize our mental well-being in unison with Good Gracious Grief.

--- Amit Anand

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