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Black Cherries

Exclusive Services

We are committed to educating you about the importance of preserving mental well-being, self-care and wellness and help you navigate through difficult times.


Black Cherries


Well-being Products

Our WELLNESS store has curated gifts, services, mental health resources, and solutions designed by trained psychologists, bereavement specialists, and life coaches for grievers, caregivers, and everyone who wants to support their friends & family to pave the way through challenging times with thoughtful additions to their healing journey.


Support & Counseling

Our BLOG is designed to enhance your overall well-being but most importantly offers compassionate support to your mental health. We provide holistic approaches with mindfulness content, meaningful interventions and nudges to prioritize self-care, self-love and unlock your full potential as a vibrant and thriving individual.


Books, Journals & More...

Our JOURNALS & BOOKS provide a safe space to express your emotions and guide you through challenging times so that you don't have to face them alone. They are powerful tools for enhancing your mental wellbeing helping you express your thoughts and feelings, cope with stress and trauma, and explore your creativity and imagination. Our Journals & books have been carefully vetted to help you reduce anxiety, improve depression, and increase resilience, expand your knowledge, stimulate your mind, and inspire you to achieve your goals and benefit from their therapeutic effects and improve your mental health.

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