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About the Journal

The book, Good Gracious Grief! comes loaded with a grief journal. It includes real stories, healthy, evidence-based coping mechanisms, positive healing affirmations, resources, journaling prompts, and interactive mindful exercises that help you pave the way through your grief. After consulting leading Grief coaches, bereavement specialists, psychologists, and spiritualists, the book-cum-journal has been beautifully crafted in paperback, audiobook, and eBook formats that take the reader and listener through a therapeutic journey of self-care, self-reflection, and personal growth.

Author's Note


I’m the author of Good Gracious Grief! This book-cum-journal means a lot to me as I honor the memory of my father Brig. M.S. Anand, serving as an expression of my love for my father. I chose to express my grief through empowering others like you who may be grieving or are supporting or caring for a griever in your friend circle or extended family. While I was writing the book, It reminded me of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which is the art of restoring broken pottery by using gold or other metals to put broken pieces back together.

This book+journal is my own little form of Kintsugi. As a philosophy, Kintsugi espouses the beauty of broken things and the ability to heal. And notably, it does not attempt to hide the scars and the imperfections, but rather finds beauty and strength in the broken parts.

The book+journal represents to me what it's like to put the pieces together and to know that: While we will never be that perfect unbroken whole again, we can still create something new and beautiful.  With Good Gracious Grief!, I'm hoping that we all, who are grieving in one way or the other or even supporting who are, may find beauty and strength in the imperfect and broken.

I am hoping and wishing that this book+journal can be your trusted friend as it has been mine! It will be published soon mid-2024 and I am hoping to keep you posted. Should you be keen to know more, please feel free to write to me at

                   💖, Amit

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