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Dear Grief-Warriors and Grief Allies,

We know that grief is hard and in all its enormity, even harder to deal with and very few can relate to
the depth of your pain and loss. Have you ever wished that you had a constant companion who understood you, walked beside you, and held you close to their heart while you cope and heal from your grief?


Good Gracious Grief! is a guided journal that will do exactly that. It’s not just a journal to help you
express and process your grief but also a highly interactive activity-based workbook that propels you
to walk through a seemingly impossible time as you struggle to get by one day at a time.


The unpredictability of life can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed. For some, that may be a monetary change brought about by the loss of a job or a significant financial setback. While others may be grieving a loss of a loved one. The pandemic has only exacerbated the pain which can lead to unresolved grief or a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness. In extreme cases, it may also lead to trauma, prolonged grief disorder, and serious mental health challenges.

You will develop an ability to express your grief on your own timeline with the help of many different journal exercises with proven scientific, well-researched, NLP-centered, mindful and spiritual techniques doubled up as daily prompts, affirmations, trackers, and coping mechanisms which are tested for their efficacy in grief recovery, this journal is an invaluable resource for every kind of griever and is an essential guide to help you heal, reorient to the desire to create a better life, fulfilling relationships and a support system around yourself. It will help you to understand that through a positive release of not-so-positive emotions we can find a valuable link between our pain and pleasure, loss and gain, detachment and attachment, failure and success, past and present, present and future, and the link between this world and the next.

After the sudden loss of his father during the peak of covid-19, the author Amit Anand embarked on a healing journey to process the loss of his loving father who was taken away too soon. He truly cares about sharing his journey and what has genuinely helped him in that journey with no room for platitudes. He leads his fellow grievers not only on a well-mapped journey through grief, but also along the unchartered expedition into the ever-present reality of dealing, coping, and healing from loss in an upended world.

Good Gracious Grief! has the following offerings available:

Book & Journal

The themes in the book are varied and aren’t about bereavement alone because Grief is not just about grieving for the loss of a loved one, it's also about grieving for the sudden loss of normalcy, jobs, relationships, money, lifestyle, and an endless list of small and big things that keep adding up. Needless to say, the pandemic whether it’s waning or evolving, has exacerbated the grief. 

The book comes loaded with a grief journal. It includes real stories, healthy, evidence-based coping mechanisms, positive healing affirmations, resources, journaling prompts, and interactive mindful exercises that help you pave the way through your grief. After consulting leading Grief coaches, bereavement specialists, psychologists, and spiritualists, the book-cum-journal has been beautifully crafted in paperback, audiobook, and eBook formats that take the reader and listener through a
therapeutic journey of self-care, self-reflection, and personal growth.

The book + journal shall start shipping on 1st August 2024.

Empathy Gifting Solutions through our Online Store   SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!

Launch of the Good Gracious Grief! Website: will be retailing empathy gifts, books, stationery, memorial garden stones & plants, grief art, jewelry, accessories, clothing, and a lot more to remind you of your healing journey. Even if you are not grieving, these gifts can be a very thoughtful addition to your grieving friends and family.

Grief Counselling Services (To be Launched in the later part of 2024)

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